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Irkutsk international travel bureau «SPUTNIK»

Since 1958 Irkutsk International Travel Bureau «Sputnik» has proudly and graciously hosted travellers to Siberia from all over the world.

The head-office of our company is located in Irkutsk and in the nearest proximity to Lake Baikal, which is included in the list of UNESCO for its unique features, its flora and fauna.

With the help of our partners in 120 countries around the world and our colleagues from 124 offices of «Sputnik» in big cities in Russia and abroad we can work-out the most optimal and substantial programs for our clients.

When you choose “Sputnik” as your tour-operator, you chose long-term experience, reliability and individual approach to all of your requests.

All of our managers and guides are real fans of their work and true Baikal-lovers! Therefore, our main priority is to arrange your stay in Irkutsk and at lake Baikal on the top-level.

Today «Sputnik» has representative offices in Berlin, Amsterdam, Beijing and Shengyang.

We are regularly taking part in international travel fairs like WTM London, ITB Berlin, JATA WTF Tokyo, CITM Shanghai and many others.

The main goal of our travel-bureau is to develop tourism in the region and to attract more travelers to Irkutsk and to Lake Baikal.
Yet we do care about fragile eco-system of Baikal Region and promote ideas of eco-tourism and conscious consumption.
Protection of Lake Baikal and its preservation for future generations is our main priority!

Irkutsk International Travel Bureau «Sputnik» arranges a wide range of sightseeing and specialized tours in Russia and abroad

and provides all possible individual and group services (visa support, reservation of plane/train tickets and hotels) all round Russia and particularly in Irkutsk Region and Lake Baikal.

The employees of Sputnik Company are qualified and highly skilled specialists and have long-term experience in the corresponding sphere of tourism business.

We design our trips depending on client’s interest, budget and travel-style.

It’s our goal to make your stay in Siberia interesting and unforgettable!


The Baikal

Сочинение на тему «Байкал»

на английском языке с переводом на русский язык

The Baikal


There are many large and picturesque lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Some of them (for example, the Amazon or the Ontario) are famous because of the incredible beauty and particular water world able to impress everyone. One of such places, the Lake Baikal, is situated in Russia; it is a unique ecological system and a national pride of all the Russian people.

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Существует много больших и живописных озёр, рек и водопадов. Некоторые из них (например, Амазонка или Онтарио) знамениты благодаря невероятной красоте и особому водному миру, который способен впечатлить любого. Одно из таких мест, озеро Байкал, расположено в России; это уникальная экологическая система и национальная гордость всего российского народа.

The Baikal is a heart of majestic Russian nature: mountains, coastal rocks, and forests of The Republic of Buryatia and Irkutsk Oblast surround the huge mass of clear water. It is not only an amazing place but also the deepest lake on the Earth containing the biggest reserve of fresh water. As an extremely valuable natural object, the Baikal is under the state protection.

Байкал – сердце величественной русской природы: горы, прибрежные скалы и леса Республики Бурятия и Иркутской области окружают огромную массу прозрачной воды. Это не только восхитительное место, но и самое глубокое озеро на Земле, содержащее крупнейший запас пресной воды. Как чрезвычайно ценный природный объект, Байкал находится под государственной охраной.

Flora and fauna of the Baikal are also very rich. Some species of animals live only on the lake or near it. Numerous species of plankton purify the water, which is necessary for fish (sturgeon, pike, burbot, etc.) and birds (seagulls, wild ducks, herons, etc.). Various trees and shrubs grow on the Baikal shores, so its landscapes are unforgettable. Besides, local residents suppose that the lake is charming and mysterious: there are many legends about it and its “daughter”, the River Angara.

Флора и фауна Байкала также очень богаты. Некоторые виды животных обитают только на озере или рядом с ним. Многочисленные виды планктона очищают воду, что необходимо для рыб (осетра, щуки, налима и т.д.) и птиц (чаек, диких уток, цапель и т.д.). Различные деревья и кустарники растут на берегах Байкала, поэтому его пейзажи незабываемы. Кроме того, местные жители считают озеро очаровательным и загадочным: есть много легенд о нём и его «дочери», реке Ангаре.

However, the Baikal is in danger nowadays. Plants built on its shores pollute air and water with harmful emissions. Other serious problems are poaching, especially fishing and seal hunting, and illegal forest cutting. Nevertheless, people love the Baikal and try to save this treasure.

Однако в наши дни Байкал под угрозой. Заводы, построенные на его берегах, загрязняют воздух и воду вредными выбросами. Другие серьёзные проблемы – браконьерство, особенно ловля рыбы и охота на нерпу, и нелегальная вырубка лесов. Тем не менее, люди любят Байкал и пытаются спасти это сокровище.


Lake Baikal

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.

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Lake Baikal, Russian Ozero Baykal, also spelled Ozero Bajkal, lake located in the southern part of eastern Siberia within the republic of Buryatia and Irkutsk oblast (province) of Russia. It is the oldest existing freshwater lake on Earth (20 million–25 million years old), as well as the deepest continental body of water, having a maximum depth of 5,315 feet (1,620 metres). Its area is some 12,200 square miles (31,500 square km), with a length of 395 miles (636 km) and an average width of 30 miles (48 km). It is also the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume, containing about one-fifth of the fresh water on Earth’s surface, some 5,500 cubic miles (23,000 cubic km). Into Lake Baikal flow more than 330 rivers and streams, the largest of which include the Selenga, Barguzin, Upper (Verkhnyaya) Angara, Chikoy, and Uda.

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Baikal lies in a deep structural hollow surrounded by mountains, some of which rise more than 6,600 feet (2,000 metres) above the lake’s surface. The sedimentary strata on the floor of the lake may be as much as 20,000 feet (6,100 metres) thick. Breaks in Earth’s crust produce hot mineral springs in the area. There are occasional severe earthquakes; in 1862 a quake inundated about 77 square miles (200 square km) in the northern Selenga delta, creating a new bay in Baikal known as Proval Bay.


About Baikal

Lake Baikal is a marvelous blue jewel framed by scenic mountains and forests. From its deep and clear waters to the many unique species that dwell there, the lake has no equals anywhere in the world.

The breathtaking beauty of Baikal is almost unearthly — no wonder that local tribes have for centuries worshipped it as a land of spiritual power and godly wisdom. Once there, you can almost physically feel the restorative energy of nature flow through you.

A Rich and Varied Destination

If you visit it in summer months, you will encounter a stormy sea, while in winter it turns into a strange and marvelous icy expanse. Frozen waves and pressure ridges further enrich the vibrant landscape of rocky isles, jagged sea cliffs and intriguing grottoes.

Buryat shamans know many beautiful and remote places of power around the lake, and you will certainly feel their energy when you come here. Learn their customs and take part in rites meant to appease the spirits of the lake and earn their favor.

Striking examples of wooden and stone architecture abound near the lake. See unique Eastern Orthodox churches and exotic Buddhist shrines and temples throughout the region. Visit the Stupa of Enlightenment, a singular pilgrimage site on an uninhabited island.

Discover the Circum-Baikal Railway, a unique marvel of railroad engineering created in the most difficult and awe-inspiring terrain. No other railway has as many components! It was once a part of the famous Trans-Siberian Railway.

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But it is better to see everything by our own eyes, as Baikal is incredible at any time of the year. Once visited it, you will never forget this holiday!

We invite you to spend an unforgettable time on lake Baikal with our company!

Discover all the beauty and grandeur of this wonderful place with Travel Baikal!



Топик Байкал рассказывает о самом глубоком озере на планете и крупнейшем природном резервуаре пресной воды. Озеро и прибрежные территории отличаются уникальным разнообразием флоры и фауны, а местные жители традиционно называют Байкал «морем». Это самое древнее озеро в мире — его возраст составляет около 25-30 миллионов лет. Большая часть побережья находится в природоохранной зоне. Самый многочисленный коренной народ — буряты, они живут здесь с незапамятных времен. Крупнейший город района — Улан-Удэ.

In the width of a thinly populated wildness lies the foremost natural wonder — lake Baikal. It’s the oldest lake in the world — its age is about 25-30 million years. Scientists estimated that more than 1500 life forms live in and around this lake, which can be found nowhere else on Earth. It’s the world’s largest reservoir of drinking water. It occupies the territory of 12000 m2 and 400 km long. It contains 1/6 of fresh water found on the planet and in spite of the vast pollution by the nearby industry the most of it still remains unspoilt. About 30 uninhabited isles are scattered throughout the lake.

Most of the coastline lies in an environmentally protected area.
The most numerous of the indigenous people are Buryats. They has been living here from untold centuries, even before Yanguis Khan swept through during the early XIII century.

A feeling of tranquillity settles over the coastal village in long summer afternoons. A vehicle driving along the village’s mainstreet is a rare sight. A motorcycle with a sidecar is the most popular civil transport; and a passenger car still remains an object of curiosity for children.

The area’s largest city is Ulan-Ude which was first established by the Russians as an outpost for tzar’s tax collectors during Russia’s Eastward expansion in the XVI and XVII centuries. It lies in the border area between the Siberian forests and the grassy steppes.

It’s an average Siberian town without much distinction, except for a strange fancy relict in the main square. The world’s biggest head of Vladimir Lenin has more than 25 feet tall and it is ironically said by rumour that it was inspired by the head of Buddha that was located in Ulan-Ude before the Soviet takeover. And now although most of Soviet monuments have been dismantled this one is going to stay because the locals became quite fond of it.


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